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REVIEW | Giraffage – Comfort LP

Giraffage AKA Charlie Yin is from San Francisco. According to his facebook bio he is “just a dude making music”. Thank god. Here’s a track-by-track for his “Comfort” LP available at his Bandcamp – name your own price.
Short story: I’m really into this album.
Long story as follows:

A happy-go-lucky beginning. Giraffage has used a bright palette of sounds and samples that bubble and tumble together in a happy chatter. It’s like the samples are all at a party and “Moments” is what the party sounds like from outside in the driveway as you’re having a smoke.

An irregular heartbeat. A drunken stagger that builds to a confident strut. The dreamy sound of a siren. Yep. Must be luv.

It’s at the third track that we start to see signs of a more conventional pop arrangement. “Visible” omits a fireworks display of exploding synths as the back drop to a soulful R&B romance.

The LP gets a little caught up here, slowing right down to a plod – the drums dragging their feet to the harsh melody that is made up of these intense sonic flares that sizzle at the ends.

“Everything Is Going To Be Alright”
Seems like the afterglow to “ORGSM”. All loose and limber now with a big 80s power pop vibe. A layer of chip tune sweeps through the track and hops around while the croak of a electronic clav(?) pokes its nose in occasionally, offering some funked-up whimsy to the track.

This track sounds like a dirge. “Girl” adds a new dimension to the record. A dimension of sadness (is what I felt).

“Polar Bear”
This track is amazing. I had to listen to it a few more times over to get it though. It’s got a challenging tone to it – cold and thoughtful – at first I couldn’t tell how it was making me feel. It’s a journey within the journey.

“Waste Yr Time”
The summer vibes trickle back into play! There’s a bit of a Yacht pop feel to this one.

Warm glowing synths and swirly, modulated filtered bits. This track really displays Giraffage’s ability to write a catchy lead melody. As effortless as a lullaby, via the complex beauty of a constellation. Perhaps. All I know is that I like it.

That lo-fi piano loop is the whole point of this song. So chilled right now.

“Holy Mountain”
Giraffage has chosen to trade up the hip hop tempo for something a little more square. Like “Polar Bear”, this track took a little longer for me to get into. I actually hate it. Nothing more to say about this track.

Despite not enjoying the closer, I’m really into this “Comfort” LP as a whole. It’s moody, infectious, clever, and challenging. Go and name your price over at Giraffage’s Bandcamp for a copy.


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